IT/GIS Enable Solution for Development Management

  • Electronic Building Permit System (e-BPS)
  • Web GIS-based Information System
  • Web GIS-based Telecommunication Infrastructure Management Information System
  • Design and Development of Solid Waste Management Information System
  • E-Governance Services

ICT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation

Preparation of GIS-based Database & Maps

Preparation of GIS-database of Municipalities

Development of Master Plan & Action Plan

Development of City Master Plan

Development of Business Plan for Operation and Mainitenance of Utility

Business Continuity and Highly Available System Design

  • GIS Data Creation and GIS-enabled Solution for Service Delivery
  • Capacity Development of Municipalities for efficient Urban Service Delivery

  • Survey and Advance Data Analysis

  • Scientific Research and Studies

  • Development of Action Plan
  • Design and Develop Business Model for Service Delivery