Urban Management

  • Development of Building Bye Laws of Six Municipalities
  • Preparation of Comprehensive Urban Development Plan of Birgunj Sub-metropolitan City
  • Strengthening Municipalities for Urban Service Delivery
  • Implementation of Nepal National Building Code through Automation of Building Plan Approval and Monitoring System

Disaster Management

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Development of smart tools for disaster management
  • Development of tools for Bioengineering intervention for disaster risk and management
  • Generation of Ortho-photo and digital elevation using drone 

Information System Solution

  • Improving and updating Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) Toolbox

  • Development of Integrated Municipal Information System for FSM in line with Smart City Initiatives

  • Solid Waste Management Information System

  • Information System Maintenance Support

  • Development of Mobile Application Tool for Vulnerability Analysis

  • Designing and Developing Website for promoting Green Home Project

  • Development of Electronic Building Permit System for Nepalese Cities

  • GIS-based Telecommunication Infrastructure Management Information System

Impact Assessment

  • Impact Assessment of 2015 Earthquake on Housing and Livelihood in Urban Areas of Nepal
  • Evaluation of Swiss Relief Distribution Program in Earthquake Affected Districts of Nepal

Data & Map Solution

  • Mapping of Telecommunication Infrastructure in Nepal using GIS

  • Development of Mobile Application Tool for Vulnerability Analysis

Human Resource Capacity Building

  • GIS Training for Urban Land Use Planning & Management

  • Advance Data Analysis

  • Capacity building in implementing Building Permit System